Exile 2

When you hear or you see somebody going back to home or arrive home! Home! The word has a different meaning for an exiled man! Where is home? What is it? Is it the place that you born? Is it the place that you grew up? Is it the place that you fall in love for the first time?! What is the meaning of home?!

Where is Home? by GreenHammock

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Exile 1

Still, I’m not sure! Did I make the right thing? I chose and I didn’t know what they meant. Exile and prison. Both of them have many similarities. You are alone in both of them. Alone with no back. Alone with no title. Alone with no one. Alone and you should achieve all lost again. Starting the new life with nothing. Empty hands and just with will and look forward.

All of my friends, at least those who knew about my verdict asked me to flee. Each of them came to me with different plans. Turkey with smugglers that they knew. Kurdistan of Iraq because of some experiences of my friends that could flee from there. I’ve rejected them. All of them. Even I had packed for prison but my weakness or no! she was, is and will be my strength point forever. My mother. My mother that I could meet her just two weeks in all of these years. She cried. I made the desicion. I didn’t want to see her tears again while I’m in prison like those days of detension. My father. My back for all my life. My first teacher in life and my sweet sister. I could see them again in Evin to try to see me and hide their tears. I made that damn desicion. I fled not to the place that they – the security forces- thought. I fled to Malaysia where they didn’t think even for a moment.

The exile has started. I put all I had behind. like the day that I want to go in to grave.

One I heard that Dr.Shariati said in two place people are themselves. In Solitary confinement and in grave. I have to add the third. In exile!

  • It was my first time that want to write about the exile, my exile in English. Just because I needed it. From behind of tears and hope and fears. Before the seventh aniiversary of that day. The day that I fled my homeland!