Where Did the Violence Come from After the February ‘79 Revolution?

Ali Kalaei: February 1, 1979. The Revolutionary Leader and the nation’s Chief Imam give speeches at the Faizia School of Qom about the struggles of the Iranian people as well as material and spiritual welfare programs, with special emphasis on the “Islamic Republic” and “self-reliance.” The speeches mark the arrival of Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the Revolutionary Leader. The people of Qom and the people of many surrounding towns attend the event. In his speech, The Imam, Spiritual Leader during the February 1979 revolution, promises that the international community will aid in our country’s development. He calls on the people to not only celebrate the development of our country, but also of our country in the context of a global community. The revolutionaries and their Spiritual Leader, who brokered a treatise, have come to develop a plan for “humanitarian outreach”, to make a spectacle of their piety and spirituality, and to develop their vision.

Just one month after the Revolution, the Revolutionary Leader has gone to Qom, the interim government has been formed, and the process of establishing the new system has begun.

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